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On line gallery of landscape artwork by Chris Bourne artist

Landscape Collection

Discover my contemporary treescapes.
Go for a wander down tree lined paths, leaf-dappled forest floors and stumble upon wildflowers in woodland clearings with my landscape paintings.

Allow me to take you on a journey connecting you to nature.

   I grew up surrounded by trees. I bear the scars of falling out of them to prove it.

   Over the years I have walked many a woodland trail throughout the changing seasons…from spring and its swathes of bluebells, summer with its wildflowers, autumn and its changing colours, then winter for those frosty days and bright blue skies. 

   Hopefully these paintings capture an atmosphere of one of your wildlife walks and communicate that feeling you had… a lovely memory of yourself ambling down a countryside track or in a woodland glade, that haven for wildlife.

   I want to create a painting where, after a  busy working day, you go back to a quieter spot, a still quiet spot in nature.


   On my ramblings I’ve never been in the habit of carrying a sketchbook…I just use loose pieces of paper stuffed in my pockets or more often than not, in my rucksack. I don’t often refer to them afterwards back in the studio but I find they just help me observe more at the time to capture something about that moment….that feeling.

   If a location sticks in my mind I go back with my stuff and make a more detailed study on canvas or board.

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