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Chris Bourne artist sketching for a commission on rocks by the sea in St Ives, Cornwall.

Art commissions explained
....step by step

The painting you want might not exist yet. 

So here I’ve set out the stages we go through to find that perfect piece you’re looking for by virtue of an art commission.

Subject, colour, size… there’s many a permutation…let’s discover together the unique artwork for your home that will make you happy every time you come into the room.

Sketches by artist Chris Bourne for numerous commissions for Coworth Park Hotel, Ascot part of The Dorchester Collection.


So you’ve arrived on my commission page and want to know more… firstly thank you for being interested in my work, it means a lot.

Well, how does it work?

Easy really. 

Over the years I’ve completed many landscape commissions and everybody has always been happy and I’m pretty sure you will be too.

I’m guessing you’ve got a lovely space to fill, you might have one of my paintings in mind..…see, told you I’ve done this before.

So the first thing to sort out is an art brief…the outline of what you want created. 

If you've already seen an artwork of mine you love that’s an excellent  place to start. We could take the inspiration of that painting and create a unique piece that sits within your decor. 

We’ll just have to run through the appropriate canvas sizes available for the selected space in your home.

Artist Chris Bourne in autumn woods sketching for an artwork commission by Coworth Park Hotel, Ascot.


Chris Bourne Art Studio_edited.jpg


Now, in case you’d like an artwork based very loosely on a  rural landscape or seascape I’ve painted previously, I’ll do a variety of quick small sketches to help you clarify your preference on size, palette and layout.

Obviously it can be a bit tricky visualising new artwork in situ in your living space.

But never fear, another thing I can offer with large scale canvas commissions is, through the powers of computer wizardry, pop your chosen painting on your wall in the right proportions. I know clever, eh. This gives you a rough idea how the painting will fit into your home interior.


If that idea appeals after our first chat, simply send over a straight on photograph of your chosen area with a sofa, fireplace, dining table, kitchen breakfast bar or bed, something that not only gives the artwork context, but also the right scale to your possessions in the room.

Wooden Bed


OK that's the size, composition and colours… now there’s the timing.

I know you were thinking of waiting till the last minute, but please don’t, I’ll only feel really bad saying I can’t do it in time.

Please allow at least three to four weeks….obviously there are a number of variables, like how busy I am with other commitments and do I need to order in your chosen canvas size, therefore sometimes the commission will take longer… it all depends on conditions so don't cut it too fine time-wise in planning for that birthday, anniversary, Christmas or wedding before you get in touch.

Chris Bourne Art Studio Photography_edited.jpg


Chris Bourne Art Commission Colour Reference Book.jpg


As for sizes, I normally paint my larger artworks on pre-stretched canvas… these come in a variety of different sizes and two thicknesses..…again after our initial chat I can guide you to the one that matches your wishes.

Prices-wise I take it you’ve explored the work on this online gallery website of mine.  Typically, my commission originals quote will be very similar, if not the same, but it does depend on your unique preferences.

Good news…. all my paintings are delivered from my studio in St.Ives Cornwall, with free delivery, shipped with tracking using Parcelforce within the UK regardless of size and, yes, that includes commissions too. 

We live in a modern world and I’m happy to take bank transfers as a payment method but, if you prefer, a cheque is fine too.


Happy so far? Oh good. I think that’s covered all the most common questions. You might have another one or two up your sleeve, if so just drop me a line and I’ll get back to you with the answer or answers.

Artist Chris Bourne painting an autumn artwork commission for Coworth Park Hotel, Ascot part of The Dorchester Collection.


Chris Bourne Art Sketching Surrey.png


I’d like to just say I’m very appreciative of the many people and businesses around the world who have put their faith in me to create a bespoke artwork for their collection in the past.  Hopefully you’ll allow me to produce a piece of art for you, or your loved ones, to make you happy and join that list.

Just drop me a line and we can take it from there. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

   Here I am happily sitting in front of a large autumn piece I painted as a commission for the prestigious Coworth Park Hotel, Ascot, which now graces their reception area.

   This very elegant hotel is part of the Dorchester Group, so I was even more delighted to be given the opportunity of painting a further piece for them, this time a winter scene in black and white to be displayed in their Spa.

Artist Chris Bourne sitting in front of his autumn artwork commission for Coworth Park Hotel, Ascot.
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