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Coastal Collection

Explore my paintings of the coast.
I think everyone has a fascination with the natural wonder of waves and the sea. 
My aim therefore is to capture these feelings and memories so that the inspiration of the great outdoors can be with you in the comfort of your own home.

   I now live by the sea in Cornwall…right near the beach in fact. Lucky you I hear you cry.

Walking along the sandy beaches and coastal paths with the vast skies overhead and the sound of the ocean, you can’t help but get inspiration can you?

   Watching the light dance over the landscape, there is so much to celebrate. You get the sense of infinity.

   It’s here you’ll often find me wandering along the shoreline looking at shells and stones…and who can’t resist clambering over the rocks and gazing into the pools at the goings-on in these miniature habitats which are home to so many animals and plants.

   Hopefully my paintings offer a sense of being there and bring back many happy memories for you.

   I think everyone wants to receive something from a painting…something in fact that’s going to give them an emotional response and spiritually lift them. Well, I know I do.

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