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Chris Bourne artist painting in Cornwall


Welcome to the Art Gallery of Impressionist Landscape Artist Chris Bourne



Discover in this collection of original seascapes the ever-changing sea and skies of the coast all inspired by sandy beaches, crashing waves, sparkling seas, clear ocean waves and blue skies of Cornwall.


These paintings offer you the sights, scents and sounds of being by the sea all from the comfort of your own home.


My original contemporary landscape collections are inspired by nature's scenery across the seasons.

From spring with its blues and whites through summer pinks and greens to autumn with its warm colour palette.


Ideally you’d picture yourself on that path or with those swaying trees and engage your imagination or memories.



So hello.

I’m Chris Bourne, an Impressionist British artist living in St.Ives, Cornwall and you’d love to know a bit more.

My artworks are always inspired by nature and here I explain thoughts and ideas along with my sketching and painting process.


I realise it can be tricky finding the large painting you (or both of you) like.

By commissioning an artwork this gives you the opportunity to own a unique painting for your living room, bedroom, kitchen or office which reflects your taste.


Read my explanation of the painless process of commissioning a piece with me.


Well hello there,

let me introduce myself.

I’m Chris Bourne a professional landscape impressionist artist. 


My art studio was originally based in Surrey, but a few years ago we decided it was about time to move to where we really wanted to live, so now we’re in lovely St Ives, Cornwall, with its fantastic light and many a mile of beach to walk along.


Now you might be thinking I wonder where his inspiration comes from…..the answer…. the wonders of the natural world. (That didn’t really surprise you, did it?)


From woodlands, seascapes, flora and fauna, an inspiring walk in wild spaces, offering a sense of freedom and observing the smallest of things that share this planet with us. 

My aim is to capture this diversity through my work.

The feelings, elements, memories, atmosphere and the emotion of the place I’m presently in resonates through my work.  


I appreciate the passing and rhythm of the seasons, the ebb and flow of nature…  spring with its hope of new growth, summer with blue skies, autumn with the orange and bronze leaves and winter with its crisp days. Whatever the season just experience its beauty as it is at the present moment. 


If you would like to know a little more about my art process why not pop over to my ‘about’ page.


For those of you who wish to know what I’ve been up to over the years, a selection of paintings can be viewed on the sold paintings gallery.


Some very kind people have even gone to the trouble of taking photos of their artworks in situ.

Thank you all. (If you’re another owner reading this, please do send me a photo of your painting in your home… it would be great to see.)


You might have a question…in that case get in touch through my contact page and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading to the end.

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